The lift & slide system Urban S700 represents the new generation of Core Aluminium’s high-end systems. It is an excellent solution for projects with demanding requirements, meeting the trend of “transparent” architecture through extensive glass surfaces, with high thermal insulation, safety and modern design. Its minimal design and its various innovative characteristics, make it the ideal option for projects requiring wide spans for enhanced daylight, outstanding performance and maximum ease of use.


  • Maximum ease of use and high functionality, optionally combined with automatic motion
  • Enhanced natural light thanks to the wide glazing surfaces
  • High energy savings thanks to the exceptional energy efficency
  • High security level
  • Exceptional sound insulation
  • Ease of access
  • Wide variety of typologies and solutions
  • Exceptional quality with certified performances
  • Increased static loads and functionality in case of severe weather conditions
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Window types

Lift and sliding

Thermal insulation


Exterior shapes


Technical characteristics

Sash depth

70 mm

Minimum visible aluminium face height

115 mm

Minimum visible aluminium face width at the central vertical column (interlocking profile)

47 mm

Glazing type

Double – Triple

Maximum glazing thickness

from 22 mm up to 50 mm


Lift & slide mechanism

Sealing method

Perimetrical with EPDM gaskets & tri-fin brushes

Minimum threshold height

24 mm

Type of thermal insulation

Polyamides, Core Aluminium Energy bar, Insulation foam, PVC


Water tightness


Air permeability

Class 4

Wind load resistence


Burgkar resistence

41 dB


Types of typology

Horizontal sliding sashes, Multiple tracks, Meeting stile, Sliding into the wall cavity, Corner typologies

Sash weight

up to 400 Kg


from 2,3 W/m²K

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