Urban M7 is a complete system for high energy efficiency curtain walls, which offers quality constructions in affordable prices and fully meets all stability and safety requirements.


  • Cost & time saving of materials and construction time
  • Constantly increasing production quality, with the glazing pane in the site facilities
  • Guaranteed performance quality in terms of air- water permeability, wind pressure as well as the Uf.
  • Satisfactory Energy Efficiency
  • Increased Comfort level
  • Increased of sound insulation level
  • Maximum functionality
  • Ability to design custom solutions tailor made to the building
  • Enhancement of Natural Light
  • Guaranteed perfrormance quality in terms of air- water permeability, wind pressure as well as the Uf.
  • Increased static and functionality in extreme weather conditions
  • Flexibility in construction
  • 50 mm width of mullions and transoms.
  • High thermal insulation thanks to the special insulating material.
  • Option of structural curtain wall constructions without aluminium covers, using the same mullions and transoms.
  • The transom screws are covered by the transom gasket, thus minimizing water and air penetration problems.
  • Low fabrication cost due to accessories and ease of fabrication.
  • Includes an effective water evacuation system.
  • Special supports for shading blades.
  • Various hinged window types can be applied: parallel projected, top hung, inwards tilt & turn, concealed sash tilt & turn, seamless inwards tilt & turn, all Tilt & Turn Urban systems.
  • Constructions with inclined or polygonal surfaces.
  • Can be combined with all types of doors of the Urban series.
  • Constructions with inclined or polygonal surfaces
  • Ease of use with electric motion




Type of installation


Technical characteristics

Exterior width visible

50 mm

Mullion depth

28 up to 250 mm

Transom depth

16,5 up to 257,5 mm

Type of holding glazing

Pressure Plate or Structural Silicon

Mullion max inertia


Transoms max inertia


Maximum weight

180 kg


Security of visible load

Design Load ± 2 KN/m2

Air permeability


Water tightness

RE 2100

Burglar resistence




from 1,0 up to 2,3 W/m²K

Types of typology

Fixed, Projected, Parallel Projected